1. Please "Register" before logging into the system .



  1. Please Select the desired project and unit and press "Reserve" .


  1. If the unit that you are interested in is previously booked, you can reserve that unit again. The system will automatically send an "Email" notification to your inbox as soon as the unit is available again.

  1. Fill in the reservation information.
  • Your personal information will be displayed automatically (after logging in).  
  • Choose payment methods. There are 2 payment options. You can use the VISA credit card, Master Card, or pay by using bank transfer.
  • Fill out the name/branch, address, and taxpayer identification number. Or ID card number for Issuing Receipts or Tax Invoices.
  • Check your information and read "Terms and Conditions" throughly before paying the Reservation fee.

  1. The system will automatically send "Email Confirmation" to confirm the reservation to the email you registered.


  1. Payment must be made within 24 hours. After the booking, if you failed to complete the payment within the specified period. The system will automatically cancel the selected unit.


  1. You can check your reservation status by login to the system and accessing the primary function My Booking

  1. Once you have already submitted the payment document please wait for another confirmation process from our team within 1 working day. After that you will receive proof of your Booking and "TerMars Privilege Card" by email you have registered.


  1. Make an appointment date for the purchase and Sale agreement process with the project staff As prescribed by the project.